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Transcendence Official Trailer #2

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 7157 Views
Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister – long known for his work as Christopher Nolan’s right-hand man – makes his directorial debut with the forthcoming science-fiction epic Transcendence. First revealed back in December, the...

Transcendence Official Trailer

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 8562 Views
Marking the directorial debut of Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister of Inception and the Dark Knight franchise, Alcon Entertainment presents a full-length trailer to its sci-fi thriller Transcendence. Starring Johnny Depp as Dr. Will Caster,...

Transcendence “RIFT” Official Trailer #3

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 3696 Views
Playing off of arguably sci-fi’s biggest exploration, upcoming blockbuster Transcendence tells of the ultimate destruction of mankind, one made by our own hands through AI (artificial intelligence). In this third trailer installment, titled the...

Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows Trailer

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 17068 Views
Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are back at it together again, this time in a darker, classically ‘Burton’ film called Dark Shadows. Based around the comedic gothic soap opera of the late 1960s of the same name, the story centers around Depp&#...

The Rum Diary Trailer featuring Johnny Depp

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 305 Views
Adapted from Hunter S. Thompson’s novel, The Rum Diary tells the story of an American journalist named Paul Kemp who moves to San Juan, Puerto Rico to work for a failing newspaper. Once there, Kemp indulges in the communal life of alcohol and d...