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Sam Adams by Hedi Slimane

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Up and coming musician and artist Sam Adams is among the recent focuses of designer and photographer Hedi Slimane. The two were virtually unknown to one another aside from a prior 30 minute meeting in a Los Angeles barbershop. The artist is curre...

Hedi Slimane Rock Diary: The Heartbreaks

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Hedi Slimane puts us on to his latest project as the famous photographer shoots a series of photographs with popular British indie band The Heartbreaks. The shots are nicely captured as always, reflecting a genuine feel that is definitely worth o...

Hedi Slimane “I Love USA” Film

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Designer Hedi Slimane may have left Dior, but his talent never left the industry. Slimane has collaborated with The on their second fashion film series entitled “I Love USA”. This exclusive chrono-photography video project...

Hedi Slimane Diary Legends: Joe D’Allessandro and Johnny Rotten

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World famous superstars Joe D’Allessandro and Johnny Rotten have both been recently featured in Hedi’s photographic blog. Joe D’Allesandro, an American actor and Warhol superstar, is generally considered to be the most famous ma...

Hedi Slimane x Coachella 2010

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Having effectively changed mediums from fashion design to photography, Hedi Slimane recently shared some photographs taken at this year’s 2010 Coachella music festival. Never straying from a black and white approach, the set offers a glimps...

Hedi Slimane x Rolls-Royce Photography

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Although much of his acclaim comes from fashion design, Hedi Slimane also holds a strong background in photography, becoming more apparent within the past few years. This latest photoshoot pairs Slimane with Rolls-Royce, with whom Hedi has had a...

VMAN Hedi Slimane Editorial

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The latest issue of VMAN is slated to hit newsstands on April 20th, with one of the issue’s highlights being a 14-page editorial by Hedi Slimane. The piece features inspiration from the cultural landscape in Copenhagen, narrowing in on seve... The Future Of Fashion, Part Three: Hedi Slimane

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Despite being out of the design limelight for some time, former Dior Homme designer Hedi Slimane is arguably one of the greatest designers of our generation. In a recent interview with, the discussion is intense and revolves some heavy...

Hedi Slimane Rock Diaries featuring The Drums

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Renowned designer/photographer Hedi Slimane offers his latest contribution to the Rock Diaries with a new feature alongside Brooklyn-based band The Drums. In conjunction with Slimane’s trademark brand of timeless black and white photography...

Hedi Slimane “American Youth” Film Boxset

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As previewed back in September, famed fashion designer/photographer Hedi Slimane traced back to his adoration for American adolescence with a special film boxset featuring 11 films portraying America’s youth counter culture. Packed with a series...