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Reselling the Yeezy 2? Speculating Prices with Ben Baller and Flight Club

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It all ended so quickly. They had been just around the corner, figuratively speaking, for months and then as quick as they released, they were gone. I’m talking of course about the Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” or whatever month they...

Trend Watch: Upcoming Trends from the Floor of Agenda Long Beach

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HYPEBEAST recently had the chance to catch up with a select few names at Agenda Long Beach and hear their insights on what to look forward to in the industry and a few things they’d like to see take their leave from the scene. The likes of jeff...

Streetsnaps: Ben Baller at Agenda Long Beach

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Location: Long Beach, California at Agenda Long Beach

The Rebuttal: Ben Baller

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The HYPEBEAST comment section has long served as a place where our diverse readership can voice its opinion. Although most of the time it’s just plain hate or spam, there are a few occasions where we come across a particular comment that makes...

Ben Baller Makes Trinidad Jame$ a $35k Egyptian Chain

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 13359 Views
Continuing his ongoing web series with YouTube’s LOUD channel, jeweler Ben Baller is back with yet another episode centered around his love for crafting luxury accessories and conversing with talented individuals. This time around Ben is approached b...

Ben Baller Hangs Out with Goodie Mob, Andy Milonakis and Homeboy Industries

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 9279 Views
Long the go-to for celebrities looking to add iced-out watches and custom chains to their daily get-up, Los Angeles-based jeweler Ben Baller recently kicked it with the likes of Andy Milonakis and a reunited Goodie Mob for his latest LOUD-produced vi...

Ben Baller Makes the World’s Most Expensive Chain for The Hundreds | Video

EntertainmentComments ⋅ 20997 Views
After a brief hiatus, Ben Baller’s show is back for a second season. To start things off, the first episode takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the piece commissioned by The Hundreds. Billed as the most expensive chain ever, this $3,000,000+ piece...

April Fools? The Hundreds x Ben Baller $3,115,000 USD Diamond Encrusted Chain

StyleComments ⋅ 30863 Views
A few days ago, Ben Baller shared on his Instagram a $500,000 USD cheque from The Hundreds as part of a commission to create the world’s most diamond-encrusted chain. The chain is set to debut on the season two premiere of Ben Baller’s sh...

Ben Baller & Dr. Romanelli Meet Pete Wentz to Customize His Bag

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Ben Baller’s television installment meets its latest celebrity guest with both fashion bespoke curator, Dr. Romanelli and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz stepping in front of the lens. After Wentz tapped Romanelli to create a unique patchwork l...

Ben Baller Makes Sean Kingston’s 3rd Jesus Piece to Match Rick Ross

StyleComments ⋅ 20371 Views
Ben Baller, jeweler to the stars, is back with the latest episode of his new show. In episode 5, Baller’s project comes courtesy of Sean Kingston, who requests a third Jesus piece to match Rick Ross. With a deadline of just five days, the team...