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Banksy Teams Up with Os Gemeos for “Better Out Than In”

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 18, 2013
“Are you the sort of person who enjoys going to art galleries, but wished they had more gravel in them? Then this temporary exhibition space is for you. Housing just two paintings but also featuring a bench, some carpet and complimentary refres...

Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” Hits Bed Stuy

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 17, 2013
Vigilante street artist Banksy strikes yet again. This time, he takes his talents to Bed Stuy, New York. Portrayed as two ladies on a bridge, the stenciled spray paint image centers around the central theme of the ongoing “Better Out Than In.&#...

Banksy’s Ronald McDonald Sculpture for “Better Out Than In”

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 16, 2013
For the 16th day of “Better Out Than In,” Banksy has tackled a familiar subject: corporate business and McDonald’s in particular. Dubbed Shoeshine, the new piece is the controversial street artist’s latest commentary on big bu...

Banksy Pays Homage to the Twin Towers in Tribeca

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 15, 2013
Controversial street artist Banksy tapped into his softer side for the latest installment of “Better Out Than In” in New York City: an unusually sentimental tribute to the Twin Towers and the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist at...

Banksy Channels ‘Gladiator’ for “Better Out Than In”

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 14, 2013
Art doesn’t have to take inspiration from the high-brow for an effective piece. Banksy proves exactly that with the latest installment of “Better Out Than In”: a quote from Ridley Scott’s Russell Crowe-starring drama Gladiator...

Watch Banksy Sell Art Outside of Central Park for $60 USD

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 14, 2013
Street artist Banksy just released a video of his one-off art sale in Central Park during his recent New York exploits. The anonymous public art icon hired the older man in the video to sell his art for the day at a cost of $60 per canvas, each of th...

Banksy’s ‘Concrete Confessional’ for “Better Out Than In”

StyleComments ⋅ Oct 13, 2013
In continuation to his “Better Out Than In” project, Banksy reveals another stenciled piece titled Concrete Confessional. Situated on a concrete slab on a construction site in Manhattan, New York, the new rendition shows a priest who awai...

Banksy and Os Gemeos Take Over Cover of Village Voice

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 13, 2013
Feeling an affinity for people who “provide quality content for free on street corners,” cult street art icon Banksy has chosen New York’s Village Voice as a platform of expression, teaming up with Os Gemeos to overhaul the cover. T...

Banksy’s ‘Sirens of the Lambs’ for “Better Out Than In”

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 11, 2013
Banksy takes on the meatpacking industry with his latest piece for this month’s “Better Out Than In.” Dubbed Sirens of the Lambs, the piece consists of a slaughterhouse delivery truck full of squealing stuffed animals that isn’...

Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” Hits East New York for Day 10

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 10, 2013
In a departure from the bleak subject matter that inspired his Crazy Horse piece on the Lower East Side, Banksy shows his more comical side with a new beaver stencil in East New York. The new “Better Out Than In” piece depicts a triumphan...

Banksy’s ‘Crazy Horse’ On the Lower East Side for “Better Out Than In”

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 9, 2013
Bold and daring as ever, Banksy once again explores the world of militaristic warfare with his latest piece for “Better Out Than In.” Following this weekend’s “Rebel Rocket Attack” video, the new piece – unofficial...

Banksy Philosophizes on Day 8 of “Better Out Than In”

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 8, 2013
Hitting the Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint, Banksy channels Plato for the latest installment of his October 2013 “Better Out Than In” exhibition in New York. In hilariously satirical fashion, the new piece features a fake Plato quote...

Banksy Gets Sentimental for Latest Installment of “Better Out Than In”

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 7, 2013
After unveiling both a truck-set installation and “Rebel Rocket Attack” video over the weekend, Banksy elected to go back to his graffiti roots for day seven of his New York “street residency” “Better Out Than In.” Tagging a w...

Banksy “Rebel Rocket Attack” Video

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 7, 2013
Coinciding with a rise in action from guerrilla street artist Banksy, a new video could provide some clues relating to the artist’s next efforts. With his “Better Out Than In” project in full stride around New York, these latest vis...

Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” Project in NYC Continues Onto Day 5

StyleComments ⋅ Oct 6, 2013
In a continuation of his new “Better Out Than In” project, Banksy once again left his mark in the streets of New York. Choosing an installation piece for this latest statement, we see the inside of a truck decorated with trees in greenery...
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