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Apple Unveils CarPlay

In many senses, Apple‘s CarPlay is the one of the most logical releases from Cupertino in several years. People around the world have iPhones and also drive, and too many have been frustrated by a lack of connectivity between the two. CarPlay will be available on select cars beginning this year, allowing iPhones to take over a car’s internal display. The phone app adapts to knobs, buttons, and touchscreens to extend calling, GPS functions, messaging, and music functions to your car’s entertainment hub. Messages can be recited and listened to through Siri, while other apps have been re-imagined to encourage focus on the road. Impressive too is the list of participating companies, which this year includes Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, and others – with even more brands in the works. Look for Apple’s CarPlay on new models throughout 2014, and feel free to discuss the implications below.

Date: Mar 3, 2014  /  Views: 10470  /  Author: Staff
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