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Pioneer Announces DDJ-WeGO Two-Channel DJ Controller

Pioneer‘s latest and most affordable all-in-one two-channel DJ controller is an ultra-compact system that effectively lowers the bar and entry level for DJing. Beginners should love it though — it’s cheap, easy to use and promises to make musical noobs sound like pro mixers. Both Mac- and PC-friendly, the portable unit offers five body colors — black, white, red, green and violet — and built-in LED colored lights that provide the visual cues when mixing. For instance, the lights flash at a pulse to help match beats and get brighter as the pitch of the two songs begin to match. The lightweight USB-powered unit already has built-in audio ports and sound card, and comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE software so you can plug and play. With a suggested retail price of $399 USD, a release is set for September. Check Pioneer for more information.

Source: Engadget

Date: Aug 30, 2012  /  Views: 17  /  Author: Gwyneth Goh
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