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Polls: Will You Be Keeping Up with the Olympics?

As expected, the London 2012 Olympics have been quite a hot topic lately; and as the highly anticipated games ready their opening ceremonies many families, couples and individuals around the globe realign their schedules to ensure that they are around when their favorite events hit. As is customary, the games have been in no shortage of coverage and attention as they have received everything from fashion collaborations, sponsorships, ad campaigns, artwork and just about everything in between. According to NBC, 2008′s Beijing Olympics saw a viewership of 215 million Americans, making it the highest-viewed TV event of all time in the country — a statistic that some researchers attribute to a particular interest in China at the time.

This is certainly no short feat for the London 2012 Olympics to top. Steps have certainly been taken to ensure that nothing goes missed, as London 2012 is expected to be the most comprehensive in history. Yet, given the fragmented landscape we live in today that fights at our attention, London 2012 – although only four years after Beijing – will be an interesting case to observe in terms of viewership and the number of those interested in staying up to date on the games.

So the question remains: Do you plan on keeping up with the events for the London 2012 Olympics? Cast your vote and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Looking back at our last poll in which we asked, “Dream Team 1992 vs. 2012,” the majority of people could not part ways with the 1992 team as it took 81.3% of the vote, while the 2012 team was only favored by 18.7%.

Will You Be Keeping Up with the Olympics?

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