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Modern Day Artisans: Miscellaneous Adventures

Fully immersing himself within an environment that first served as the catalyst for his present passion, Andrew Graves resides in an unassuming barn located in Sussex on the southern coast of England. The man behind Miscellaneous Adventures, Graves is one part designer and one part wood wright incorporating every ounce of his own personal essence into the day-to-day creative process of each hand-carved accoutrement he forges. Cathartic and therapeutic in many respects, each individual step from scouring the nearby woods for satisfactory timber, whittling away the shapes and lines with a crook knife, and polishing and sanding down each wooden utensil serves as an meditative routine for the pensive curator. The solidarity afforded by the Miscellaneous Adventures workshop’s off-the-beaten-path location is exemplified in the acute details of the final creation.

Director: Chris Read

As is often the case within the realm of specialized trades and niche skill sets, the growing shift toward accelerated efficiency has begun to drive out the once revered group of craftsmen. In our latest HBTV feature Modern Day Artisans, we highlight a range of individuals who have become experts in their field, effectively maintaining the authenticity, originality and art of their respective trade.

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