I wanted to see what songs and playlists everyone listens to while running. I know some songs are good to start with, some while ending, and some that have a beat that you just naturally run with. I'm also looking for new songs to add to my playlist. Currently i have:

~Peso- A$AP
~Spiteful chant- kendrick lamar
~Gotta have it- Jay-z Kanye West
~Earthquake- Labyrinth ft tinnie tempah
~Highway to hell - AC/DC
~Underground Kings- Drake
~Hello- Martin Solveig
My last song that i always use to give me the final push is
~Whats my age again- Blink 182

Since i only run about 2 miles that's more than good enough for me, but i would like to have multiple playlists to keep rotating.
What songs do you use?