Awkward/Weird Situations Thread

Sep 19, 2015 @ 01:41
About a year ago I was hanging out with my girlfriend at the time in her living room. He dad has a slideshow thing that plays when the computer isn't being used. Most of the slides are of the family on vacation or whatever. So we're talking and I'm looking at the pictures and all of a sudden I see a pic of her mom completely naked in their kitchen. She was posing and smiling, like it was obviously a private flick for the dad. 

I pointed it out to my girlfriend and we laughed about it. It was awkward around her mom after though.

MILF status or nah?
Sep 19, 2015 @ 03:20
Was lurking tryna think of a good moment to post - Here's one

This was back in the day in 8th Grade. I'm sitting in class and I look at this kid and I see that he's starting to piss himself in class. We lock eyes and deadass no one saw this shit going on except me cuz we had some weird ass seating groups so everyone is facing different direcions. Im watching the piss run down his legs and onto to the carpet floor. at the same time he's just looking at me with that "DONT SAY A WORD LOOK" Me and him were like the only black kids at that school so you know I aint say shit to anyone. to this day - I just remember how awkward it was making eye contact like bruhhhh is you pissing yourself? Bell rang and thats the end of that. No one saw shit but me. He was popluar too, played ball and everything. man middle school is a trip.

Sep 19, 2015 @ 20:08
A few years back, I was seeing this girl and we'd been together for a while. She was my gf at the time and was a typical "good girl".. Did well in school, didn't party much, etc. The sex was hott but we had covered all the basics and things were starting to get kinda predictable so we started trying new things.. nothing ground breaking, mostly stuff like outdoor sex, or she would wear kinky outfits, I put it in her butt a few times, stuff like that. Anyway, the conversation of porn preferences came up and we both thought it would be a good way to see what each of us really wants. She told me she likes threesome porn and I got all excited and showed her some of my favorite 2 chicks 1 guy scenes. We would throw on porn and fuck once in a while too. I thought it was a good way to remind her of the threesome idea. Strange thing was, whenever it came time to pick a scene, she always left it up to me. I couldn't get her to choose and she always seemed to just go along with whatever I chose. So one day I got curious and when she was in the shower I started looking thru her past history in Chrome. Found nothing but gangbang scenes! 2 guys 1 girl or 1 girl 3 guys filling every hole! This chick's secret fantasy was to get spit rosted!! So ya, it was super awkward when she got out of the shower. I actually brought it up and she was extremely embarrassed. That pretty much closed the book on threesomes for us.

I'd drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable...

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