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HK or Tokyo for shopping and tourism =)

Mar 01, 2007 @ 04:11
Hello ,

I have to choose between those citys .

i'd like to know if tokyo has more shops than hk or it's nearly the same .

If people in Tokyo speak usualy english and if it's true that Hk people speak english.

If the price for clothes ,electronic in Tokyo is less expensive than in Europe and if it's "very" more expensive than in Hk .

Which city has the best tourism spots ?

Thanks a Lot for ur help


ps: I know that there is a thread about "Hk or Japan " but it"s for the sneakers and my question is for clothes price , speaking language , tourism spot...
Mar 01, 2007 @ 06:13

im going to tokyo march 6, before i go back to hk. i will tell u. the shops in tokyo are tite. but im biased, haha. almost nobody in tokyo speaks english. more ppl in hk speak english. honestly last time i went to tokyo i felt the place just wasnt tourist friendly. ull go nuts trying to figure out the subway/JR lines. hk is simple. o ya stuff in tokyo is ridiculously overpriced. regular stuff like 10 deep shirts, etc... i saw in shops for $80. no lie.

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Mar 01, 2007 @ 06:23
^ kowloontong is RIGHT! i just came back frm tokyo... and goin there aagain during easter. the electronics in hong kong are much cheaper. and most of them cant speak english... took taxi driver 20 minutes to find out what conrad hotel is... but they're really nice people... i know a lil japanese... and the dude kept saying sorry and stuff.. and even didnt charge us.. but in the end we paid. oh yeah and their GPS system sucks..its all screwed up.. gives you the wrong locations and shit oh wells. but if you're lookin for variety of shops.. tokyo is definately the place to hit up.. cos like every brand has their own shop and stuff.... and a lot of stuff have like 'japan' exclusive like burberry and paul smith.. etc and the JR line as Kowloontong said is so damn complicated!
Mar 06, 2007 @ 13:41
please can i have more opinions ?
Mar 06, 2007 @ 23:09
Im from Hong Kong. IMO, if you want a Tourism, Hong kong wont be on the top. Of course, HK does have its specialities, like the big budda, parks, and the theme parks, but it doesnt have as much stuff to do in Japan like onsen, mt fuji, shrines, temples, etc. It will be easier for you to travel around Hong kong since the train system there is less complicated and most Hong kong citizens speak basic English. As with clothing and electronic wise, in Hong Kong, you will have to know where to shop. there are lots of places where they like to try tourist, especially if you arnt an asian decent. But If you know where to shop, you can buy clothing for price way cheaper than in North Amercia.

i suggest you check out Japan-Guide.com, is really usful, and gives you a better idea of Japan and tourism there.
Mar 07, 2007 @ 14:34
Thanks a lot , But i'm just going for about 9-10 days in Asia .Btw i'm French and don't really look life an asian guy but My best friend is from Hk so i'll have all the good spot and Superfuture & Hypebeast are here .

I think i made my choice , it's Hk Because don't have so much time and wanna shopping and discover some new things but don't really feel like spending my time finding my way with the "Ideogram"...

Do you have any tips for Hk , like somewhere hat i should't go (not safe or not really good for tourist people ) , My firend spoke to me about some 2 Buildings where u can buy some Video or Goodies also Fakes things (I won't buy fake but in this place there is some cheap clothe just made in HK )

And What are the best spot for tourism ?
(I don't have the Visa for Schenzen..
Mar 07, 2007 @ 19:21
hey, in Hk, if your looking for electronics, go to mong kok, or shim shu po *cant spell them*, they sell lots of electronics, mostly computer parts. But makes sure you ask tthem to try it out and inspect it first, since agian, they love to trick tourist in buying used goods. *My cousin bought a phone from them, turned out it was used with like 500mins used on it*

Try to avoid places where they show signs saying "tourist location for electronics" , you will spot them when you see a group of guys waiting at their stores having almost no busniess at all, trying to folliow you around holding a binding with pictures of their items. They will sell you fake or used items for a reduclous amount.

I suggest you dont go to the disney land, I heard from lots of people it sucks and is god damn expensive.. Visit the big budda on lantau island, is a good walk, and you should try the vegeterian lunch that you can buy for around $70 HK .

with Shopping, I enjoy walking around mong kok near sneaker street for the urban clothes. But you will have to shop around and gather around prices, as most stores carry the same stuff, but just at different prices. If you want to go to malls, most people here will proablly tell you to go to CWB , or causeway bay, is a HUGE shopping arcade full of name brands.. You might also wanna check out the mall in Koownloon, *i donno how to say it in english* but is around 7 stories high, and tons of stores.

Other than that, Just have fun. Im sure you will find things to do in Hong Kong when ever you go. With 9-10days , you will have plenty of time to shop and look around.
Mar 16, 2007 @ 03:00
hey eddy what is ur avatar? ive seen that sticker all over tokyo on cars. what is it?
Jun 16, 2007 @ 11:50
of course Hong Kong
Mong Gok: (Ladies Street)
If your looking to buy wallets, purses, back packs, messenger bags, souveneirs from HK, daily products.. everything can be found in Mong Gok.. except for electronics

Sum Shui Po: (electronics boutique)
Everywhere your going to find electronics.. whether it's appliances, parts, or what not. Your gonna find the best prices only here. But BARGAIN!!! even in Mong Gok.. bargain.. i buy my stuff from this place in Mong gok..and they know me since im the fat azn dude who buys their product each year.. lol.. newayz... i get good prices.. tho.. bargain!! if one place sell for higher, then the others u know are gonna want ur business and sell for lower. Sum Shui Po also cells cell phones, video camcorders. much cheaper than the U.S. me and my lil bought our cell phones from there. Plus Hk sells phones that wont get into the U.S. market for a year or 2... sometimes never.. so u will walk out with somthin.. cooler than ur friends at home..

Stanley Market: Another great place to shop. Best place in my opinion for clothes. Everywhere mostly your gonna find brand name clothes such as oakley, billabong.. for damn right cheap prices.. same quality material.. at bottom low prices.. tho.. u should still try to bargain.. unless ur filthy rich.. then w/e.

Jordan Street: (only happens at night)
You can buy stuff only during at the night. It's a combination of Stanley market and mong gok. But I rather suggest you go to the above 3.. if your really in a nutshell.. and cant find anything from the above 3.. then try this one... remember it only is set up at night... and plus if you happen to pass by any foot massage places.. best place to get a foot massage is on Jordan Street. Trust me. I had some really good foot massages. blushing not adult stuff. sorry nothing like that shit like in the U.S. ova here.

Tsim Tsa Tsui (shopping extravaganza)
Your gonna find this to be the place of shops. Tho it might not be like a bazaar as the 4 above mentioned. But your gonna find the best places to eat, drink coffee at starbucks, buy some of ur favorite western (english) music you can find. which is at HMV. the best place ever.. it can be found in London, Paris, Singapore.. and HK.. so far in my knowledge.. so, best place to buy dvd's, vcd's, cd's... and ld's.. is at HMV,,and other places in tst for em. you just got to look.. blushing
Jun 16, 2007 @ 18:56

im going to tokyo march 6, before i go back to hk. i will tell u. the shops in tokyo are tite. but im biased, haha. almost nobody in tokyo speaks english. more ppl in hk speak english. honestly last time i went to tokyo i felt the place just wasnt tourist friendly. ull go nuts trying to figure out the subway/JR lines. hk is simple. o ya stuff in tokyo is ridiculously overpriced. regular stuff like 10 deep shirts, etc... i saw in shops for $80. no lie.

you don't go to japan to buy 10 deep shirts
Jun 18, 2007 @ 04:19
in JP u will find JP Brands a lot cheaper in HK
but in HK u will find more things to c in hi price
one reason is becoz hk is a small place
Jun 29, 2007 @ 00:40
I just got back from Tokyo, loved it and would definitely recommend.
Can be difficult at times due to language, but you can get by. People were really nice and tried to help.

The Subway/trains isn't bad once you get your head round it. Definitely worth getting a Suica Pass (auto pay card for subway and trains), makes trips a lot less hassle. Wish i had realised this at the start of my trip

Food was great, loads to do and see. It wasn't as difficult or as expensive as i had feared. I used to live in HK and still go there sometimes but Tokyo was way better imop.
Jul 02, 2007 @ 11:00
I'd go to Tokyo because both have amazing shopping areas and all but Hong Kong is very influenced by the West in terms of overall culture. Japan on the other hand is someplace where you could probably see,learn, and experience things you've never imagined. Hong Kong is amazing as well however if I'd have to pick between the two I'd go for Tokyo.

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