This Initimate Video Documents the Lives of Illegal Motobikers in the Dominican Republic

“I was aware of the many risks they take to keep boredom at bay.”

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Youth culture flourishes around the world, and French-born, New York-based director Aurélien Heilbronn sought to document the illegal motorbiking culture in the Dominican Republic through a short film titled “Street Racers.” The intimate video follows a tight-knit community of teens who risk their lives to entertain themselves, blocking off motorways and hitting high speeds on small custom bikes, painting a dauntless yet earnest portrait of boy racers in the Caribbean.

“Everyone drinks and everyone has a gun, but the most interesting thing was to see how these kids, who turned out to be quite nice, have created their own sort of family, an incredibly close-knit community. I was told this was the first time they’d ever allowed someone to film them,” commented Heilbronn.

Watch the video from NOWNESS above and share your thoughts below.

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Aurélien Heilbronn