KWAYE Was Discovered in the Backseat of an Uber, Now He's One of The "Cool Kids"

The artist’s debut, “Cool Kids,” is a stylish affair with inklings of Blood Orange.

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KWAYE was quite literally discovered in the backseat of an Uber. The Zimbabwe-born, London-based artist was studying abroad in Los Angeles when he played some of his music for his Uber driver, who just so happened to be a former A&R. From there, KWAYE’s work found its way in front of Mind of a Genius, who provided him with a studio space. Just weeks later, he was signed. Here’s hoping he gave that driver a 5-star review.

Fusing the sounds of Zimbabwean music with an admiration for funk and neo-soul results in a worldly combination. Mind of a Genius—perhaps best known for cultivating Gallant, THEY. and Zhu, among others—are trustworthy hands, and hopefully they will continue to help KWAYE cultivate and harness his talents in the future.

As far as visuals are concerned, “Cool Kids” is a stylish affair, shot with strong lines and vibrant, high-contrast colors amongst the brutal beauty of London’s tower blocks.

Make sure to check out the visuals above and follow KWAYE’s journey on social media.

John Munro