A First Look at Yamaha's Futuristic Motoroid Motorcycle

The AI-powered bike will make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show.

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Looking like it could have come straight out of Blade Runner 2049 is Yamaha‘s latest automotive concept: the Motoroid. Teased ahead of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the sleek bike boasts built-in artificial intelligence to allow the rider to more seamlessly interact with the motorcycle. According to Yamaha, the intention is to give riders the experience of kando — the Japanese idea of immense satisfaction from the experience of something valuable. As for the aesthetic itself, the Motoroid is all electric (what good futuristic concept isn’t?), but utilizes unique AA battery-shaped cells to go along with a radical seating design and race-centric handlebars.

Hopefully a sign of motorcycle design to come, the Motoroid will be just one of twenty different Yamaha concepts to be showcased in Tokyo from October 27 through November 5.