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Cadillac Is Launching a New Car Subscription Service

Swap out your Cadillac up to 18 times a year.

If your fear of commitment extends to your choice of automobiles, then you’ll be delighted to hear about Cadillac‘s latest subscription service. For a flat monthly fee of $1,500 USD, you can drive and swap out whatever Cadillac vehicle you want, such as an Escalade or XT5 or XTS-V, up to 18 times per year. After ordering a Cadillac on the mobile app, the user’s vehicle of choice will be delivered to a preferred location by white-glove concierge service. With no contract commitment required, you can swap to your heart’s desire without having to pay extra for registration, taxes, insurance or maintenance. “You have a car, but you don’t have any of the hassles of really owning a car,” said one Cadillac enthusiast in the promotional video. “What we’re all looking for in life is happiness,” declared another. Watch the clip above and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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