Gorillaz's Animated Story Continues With 'The Book of 2D'

All we need now is a new song.

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In recent weeks, Gorillaz have been building up their online storybook with a string of social media stories based on the lives of the fictional characters that inhabit the Gorillaz universe. Following up The Book of Murdoch, the band once again take to Twitter to build their visual narrative. This time around, Gorillaz’s keyboardist is the subject of the story in The Book of 2D, starting with the character being stranded after an encounter with a whale known as “Massive Dick.” The story then expands on his global journey from the coast of Mexico to a band reunion in London. You can read through The Book of 2D below. Now that fans are up to date with the Gorillaz’s multiple backstories, let’s hope some new music is next.