HYPEBEAST LIVE BLOG: @ The Apple Special Event 2015

The live event has finished. Check here for minutes from the event.

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It’s finally here. Apple’s special event at San Francisco starts in one hour, and with it the announcement of glorious new products from the Cupertino tech giant. Rumors are exploding about a newer, larger iPad Pro, a Siri-enabled Apple TV set top box with gaming in mind and, of course, an update to the beloved iPhone 6 family of smartphones.

The presentation has finished. Stay tuned for more details on the new Apple products.


[12:20:13] It’s a wrap. Thanks for following!

[12:15:55] Another One Republic song. Apparently they were booked at the last minute. Interesting…

[12:10:11] Another One Republic song.

[12:06:04] One Republic comes on stage to perform.

[12:05:01] Tim Cook wrapping up. Thanking his staff.

[12:02:32] Cue iPhone 6S video.

[12:00:07] iCloud storage option upgrade. 50GB for $0.99 a month.

[11:59:47] iOS 9 September 16.

[11:59:10] Pre-order September 12. Available September 25.

[11:58:30] “iPhone upgrade program.” Gives you a new iPhone every year through installments.

[11:57:11] Two-Year Contract.
iPhone 6S from $199. iPhone 6S Plus from $299.

[11:56:30] New charging dock!

[11:56:03] Android to iPhone migration app.

[11:55:25] Improved LTE bands. 2x faster Wi-Fi.

[11:54:43] Automatically turned on. The capture is a few frames before and after you take the photo, to make them all live.

[11:53:12] “Live Photos” using 3D touch and it takes a “scene.”

[11:52:07] Retina flash, 3x brighter flash ability.

[11:51:29] 4K video. 8 MP every frame. 5 MP front-facing camera.

[11:50:02] Panorama. 63 MP picture.

[11:47:20] Showcasing photos by actual photographers. Pictures are unedited. Looks great. Accurate exposure.

[11:46:33] “Deep Trench Isolation.” Basically adds a barrier between pixels so the colors are more accurate.

[11:45:40] Auto-focus even faster.

[11:44:32] New iSight Camera, 12 mp. Still protruding from the back.

[11:44:05] 2nd generation touch ID sensor. 2x faster touch sensor.

[11:43:20] The zooming shoot actually looks kind of annoying…

[11:42:40] Warhammer game demo now. 3D touch used to zoom when shooting. Game is running really smoothly.

[11:41:25] A9 chip. 70% faster than A8. GPU 90% faster.

[11:40:53] 3D Touch demo finished. Hmmm… that was fast.

[11:39:20] Update status or check-in on Facebook right from your home screen.

[11:38:56] Looks like the task changer has a new angled look.

[11:37:12] Peek into details like flight times. Useful.

[11:36:06] Peek into your email. Another easier way to ignore messages.

[11:34:10] Craig comes up to give us a demo of 3D Touch.

[11:32:45] Capacitive sensors built into the backlight to measure changes in distance between the glass and backlight.

[11:31:54] Peek into apps like Mail, Maps, etc.

[11:30:56] Contextual menus anywhere. Like right-clicking on your iPhone.

[11:30:00] 3D Touch.

[11:28:58] Rose Gold Aluminum. Aerospace specification. Original three colors still available.

[11:27:34] iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

[11:26:47] Cue video.

[11:26:01] 75% Growth in China for iPhone while the rest of the industry declines.

[11:24:30] Now, iPhone. (“woooooooo”)

[11:23:40] 32GB $149, 64GB $199. Late October. Old Apple TV still $69.

[11:22:59] 64-bit A8 chip. Bluetooth remote. TV-Volume control.

[11:21:30] Split-screen baseball games.

[11:21:08] All the stats and details you’ll ever want while watching your team.

[11:20:02] MLB.com on Apple TV.

[11:18:34] Buying a John Varvatos jacket has never been easier.

[11:16:49] Shopping from your couch. Basically “Home Shopping Network meets Amazon” in fancy 1080p.

[11:14:00] Beat Sports. Wii-style baseball game that’s based on music.

[11:12:25] Multiplayer Crossy Road, exclusively on Apple TV. Competitive pecking too!

[11:11:21] Crossy Road in your living room. Swipe left and right, click to move forward. Still a hard game though.

[11:10:11] Guitar Hero for Apple TV.

[11:08:02] tvOS. iOS for the Apple TV. Developers accessible.

[11:06:55] Siri is fully enabled and won’t interrupt your feature.

[11:05:10] “What did she say?” Siri will jump back 15 seconds, and bring up captions for you, temporarily. Nice touch.

[11:04:10] Search episodes with details. “Modern Family episode with Edward Norton.” Impressive.

[11:03:12] You can play around with the title of movies with your thumb! Fun!

[11:02:33] Pretty screen savers.

[11:01:23] Siri will search across all apps. No more “Is ________ on Netflix?” Just ask Siri. Searches across iTunes, Netflix, hulu, HBO, Showtime.

[10:59:00] Eddy Cue. Box looks the same, but the remote is shorter with a voice and glass touch surface.

[10:58:10] Touch remote, used to scrub rewind. Hold it sideways and play Wii-style games.

[10:57:32] “Siri, show me something… new.” Siri-enabled.

[10:56:43] App store on Apple TV.

[10:55:09] “The future of TV is apps.”

[10:54:15] “Golden age of television.” Uhhh, kinda late with that Tim.

[10:53:30] Now, Apple TV.

[10:53:14] iPad Mini 4 = smaller iPad Air 2. Nice!

[10:52:11] Carbon fiber-capped speaker output.

[10:50:00] Cue introduction video and Mr. Ive voice.

Silver, Gold, Space Gray
32gb $799
128gb $949
128gb w/ LTE $1079
Apple Pencil $99
Smart Keyboard $199
Available in November

[10:46:00] Showing bones and muscle animation. This looks familiar to what the predecessor iPads could do… only faster and smoother.

[10:45:10] More medical integration with the iPad Pro.

[10:43:56] Photoshop sketch. Non destructive. Scrub back all of your errors.

[10:42:40] Facial recognition, “smile” editor. Impressive.

[10:41:21] Photoshop Fix for iPad Pro.

[10:40:32] Director of design Eric Snowden. (No relation)

[10:40:04] Adobe is on stage now.

[10:38:59] Powerpoint converts using shape recognition, either from the Pencil or touch.

[10:37:11] Side by side office apps is a great idea. Copy/paste across apps.

[10:35:02] Demo time. Microsoft corporate VP Kirk Koenigsbauer. Microsoft Office.

[10:34:11] Software allows draw-and-send to clients.

[10:33:32] The pencil is recharged by the iPad Pro. Plug it in like a lightning cable. Convenient.

[10:31:29] “Apple Pencil.” (laughs in audience). Cue video. (Ahhhh, Jony Ive voice.)

[10:30:11] Tactile keyboard, pretty thin. Works like a smart cover. Connects through a new “smart connector.”


[10:28:00] Smart keyboard announced.

[10:27:11] 4 stereo speakers. Only 6.9 mm thin. Weighs 1.57 lbs.

[10:25:10] Faster than 80% portable PCs. Graphic performance faster than 90% than portable PCs.

[10:23:23] A9x chip. Wonder how it compares to desktop CPU speed… plus variable refresh rate, slows stuff down to save energy.

[10:22:41] 5.6 million pixels. Double whoa.

[10:22:15] 12.9 inches. Whoa.

[10:21:34] “Most capable and most powerful we’ve ever created!” It’s pretty big actually.

[10:21:01] iPad Pro.

[10:19:41] “The biggest news in iPad, since iPad.” Cue video.

[10:18:10] Next up, iPad.

[10:17:30] Watch OS II, September 16.

[10:16:55] Space Gray. Product (RED). Shipping today.

[10:15:45] Introduction video to new models. Your standard Apple white background floating video.

[10:15:03] Hermes watch band announced. Leather strap that wraps twice. Single wrap version as well.

[10:13:45] Hear a baby’s heartbeat right off the watch.

[10:09:01] Airstrip can connect doctors and patients. Monitor pregnant women at home using Apple Watch.

[10:07:31] Showcasing new Watch apps. iTranslate. Speak into the watch and have it translated. Very Inspector Gadget.

[10:05:18] Apple Watch testimonials. Satisfaction at 97%.

[10:04:03] No time for updates, so let’s jump right into the Apple Watch.

[10:02:00] Tim Cook is on stage.

[09:58:00] “We ask that all electronics be switched to silent. Thank you.” Here we go.

[09:49:10] Apparently there’s 6000 people in attendance.

[09:45:29] Not too bad of a view.


[09:08:42] Awesome lunch offerings.

[10:08:00] People are lining up to get in. Tons of people.

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