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DuJour Magazine Interviews Paul Pierce On His Move to Brooklyn

New York City-based culture journal DuJour magazine got the opportunity to spend a day with Paul

New York City-based culture journal DuJour magazine got the opportunity to spend a day with Paul Pierce to interview the celebrated NBA player about his recent move to Brooklyn. At this particular juncture, Pierce is a league champion, a 10-time All-Star, and a record-holding scoring leader – all achieved during his tenure with the Boston Celtics. Now at 35 years old, Pierce aims to bring a sense of expertise and maturity to the developing Brooklyn Nets legacy. Lindsay Silberman of DuJour asks the right questions about his experience so far in New York, how he really feels about the Knicks, and how being a father has changed his game. Key excerpts from the interview can be found below, while the full interview can be read on DuJour magazine’s website.

DJ: There’s already been a lot of trash-talking between you and the Knicks. Is it genuine or are you just trying to create buzz around the rivalry?

PP: I’ve never really liked the Knicks anyway. We had a rivalry being in Boston…so I moved over to Brooklyn and we’re still in the same division playing for the same division championship, ultimately to see who’s going be the king of the East. I think the rivalry wouldn’t be as good if you didn’t have both teams at the level that they’re at.

DJ: What’s it like living in the same city as your rival?
PP: I think it’s great for the city—it’s great for sports. A lot of the fans that may have been living in Brooklyn, cheering for the Knicks, now they’re gonna convert over to the Brooklyn team. People love the New York Knicks and now, we’re giving people a reason to love Brooklyn.

DJ: Did you ever see yourself playing at the level you’re at now?
PP: I’ve always had the vision. It was all about the time and the workouts I put in. I was willing to sacrifice some of the things in life that other guys did when I was 21 or 22. When people were going out and partying all the time, I might have been in the gym, working on my craft, trying to get better. So in a way I did see myself being at the level I’m at today because of the hard work I put in.

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