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A Conversation with Rian Pozzebon

HYPEBEAST recently had a chance to chat with Rian Pozzebon, the Senior Footwear Design Manager at

HYPEBEAST recently had a chance to chat with Rian Pozzebon, the Senior Footwear Design Manager at Vans to learn about the roots of his design process, as well as the inspiration behind the premium Vans Syndicate line (an effort overseen with fellow Vans design head Jon Warren, as well as Humberto Lichtey and Tom Cooke). Naturally, there’s a great deal that goes into footwear design, but with the roots of skate culture firmly entrenched at Vans, it’s all about keeping clear perspectives, and clean slates.

Growing up in California… has exposed me to a melting pot of individual expression.

When I started working at Vans… I was written up for skateboarding in the hallways within the first three months. Now, a day doesn’t go by without a close collision rolling around on the new building’s polished concrete.

I feel most satisfied when… a vision finds its place in reality.

Factory visits… keep my perspectives clear.

The idea for Vans Syndicate developed… when Jon Warren, Humberto Lichtey, Tom Cooke and I decided to produce something personal.

In 2005… I found clarity during a visit to Japan. Thank you Tet, Mitch, Nao, Kun, Bebetan, Hue and my crew Jon, Berto and T.C.

Making sure the end product comes out as I originally envision… is accomplished by focusing on details.

My interest in design… comes from a lack of education and being told what is not allowed.

Traveling… made me. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without it. Get out of the house. Leave your city. Meet someone new.

My favorite projects to work on… are outside the office and inside the environments of others.

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