HYPEBEAST Weekly Staff Picks - June 20th

Another week, another world champion crowned as the hopes and dreams of two office members were

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Another week, another world champion crowned as the hopes and dreams of two office members were dashed as the Los Angeles Lakers were absolutely hammered by the Celtics leaving Jefford and Jason nothing but a pile of shambles, and maybe leaving numerous UNDFTD x LA Lakers t-shirts questioning their recent tee purchases. Here’s our staff picks for this week which includes stainless steel love from Medicom Toy, Citizen’s new upscale collabo watch, a Bape cushion and ALIFE making things tasty with their very own chocolate bar.

Kevin – Medicom Toy 400% Stainless Steel Bearbrick

This one definitely caught my eye based on Medicom Toy’s interesting and bold move to incorporate stainless steel into their ever popular Bearbrick series. Something about the cool touch of metal and its semi-reflective properties that make this something dope. Although a 1000% would be even more ridiculous, that would surely put that out of my price range.

Jason – Koichiro Yamamoto x Citizen Real Scale Model

The Koichiro Yamamoto x Citizen Real Scale model features an interesting collaboration with a classic watch maker and a famous Japanese musician which I feel is definitely out of the ordinary for Citizen. Featuring my favorite color black, on the whole the watch is clean a sleek which I feel can be worn in numerous different settings. With a price point set at $271, not too outrageously priced.

Season – A Bathing Ape “Ape Face” Cushion

I am definitely not a big fan of Bape’s apparel, but i am in love with their accessories. Once in awhile, they create some real dope accessories such as the SpongeBob plush. Being a big fan of accessories, its really hard to resist all that. This Bape cushion is so lovable and hugable.. haaa… I know this is real lame… but i am just in love with the cushion. I like the size and the design a lot and the only thing i have to find out now is the price. This new cushion will sit on my new couch in my new home when it’s released. Lets just hope the price is reasonable.

Eugene – ALIFE x Chocolaterie Blondel

I just don’t feel like there’s anybody else that spreads their seed as well as ALIFE. Not in a promiscuous sort of way but in a way that truly allows for the brand to use relevant projects to become well-known in numerous circles outside of the current niche, some would say ALIFE represents. Although the design itself is really quite simplistic and just features ALIFE’s branding, I think this collabo makes perfect sense to source out Switzerland’s finest in making a scrumptious chocolate bar to coincide with ALIFE newly found presence in Switzerland.

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