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Streetsnaps: Errolson Hugh of ACRONYM

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Location: Milan, Italy

Acronym 2012 Fall/Winter “Acronymjutsu” Video

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Technical performance label Acronym unveil its Fall/Winter 2012 video appropriately titled “Acronymjutsu.” Created by Ken-Tonio Yamamoto with music by Zomby, the viewer is treated to an expedited run through some of the various pieces off...

Acronym 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

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“Always bring an architect to a knifefight.” William Gibson — cyberpunk author and recent collaborator with German brand Acronym – wrote in his “custom crafted” quote in “12 point on the back of a t-shirt....

Stone Island Shadow Project_AW ’012 Video Is As Next Level As You’d Imagine

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Few maintain the knowledge and understanding required to bridge the gaps between fashion and functionality quite like Errolson Hugh. Apart from founding the ever-innovative Acronym, he’s spent ample amounts of time refining his craft with numer...

Errolson Hugh of Acronym Puts the Touches on Herno Laminar’s 2012 Fall/Winter Collection

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Under the direction of technical garment specialist Errolson Hugh of Acronym fame, we are given this glimpse at Herno Laminar’s 2012 fall/winter collection. The Italian-based label has garnered a reputation for leading the industry in technical...

OTHERS by HYPEBEAST: The Mystery Behind Acronym

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When it comes to the world of technical fashion, there is arguably no other brand that has set the bar as high as Berlin-based Acronym. The brand founded by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher was conceived as a “unification of style and te...

A Conversation with Errolson Hugh

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In 1994, partners Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh birthed an independent design and consulting agency dubbed ACRONYM. With a focus on the unification of style and technology, the inventive duo began creating functional outerwear for Burton Sn...

Herno Laminar by Errolson Hugh

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Acronym designer Errolson Hugh has teamed with Italian brand Herno on a stylish GORE-TEX capsule collection. The Herno Laminar Collection is comprised of eight styles for men and eight styles for women that perform well at high altitudes, but with a...

BEINGHUNTED: Acronym 2011 Fall/Winter Collection Interview with Errolson Hugh

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As close associates with fellow Berlin-based technical brand, BEINGHUNTED secures an interview with Acronym founder, Errolson Hugh in regards to the latest Fall/Winter 2011 collection. The two friends speak candidly over arguably the world’s mo...

Stone Island Shadow Project 2011 Fall/Winter Video featuring Errolson Hugh

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Stone Island Shadow Project welcomes its new collection with an introduction from head designer Errolson Hugh. This video takes a closer look at the PARSEQ GRID performance system that’s used in the collection as Hugh breaks down the concepts,...