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Edison Chen & Dr. Romanelli Discuss The Pancake Epidemic

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The Pancake Epidemic is the new division from Dr. Romanelli’s marketing agency StreetVirus and a creative agency “boosting flavor and depth into brands.” The name makes more sense in light of the fact that its offices are located di...

Wilco & Popeye – “Dawned On Me”

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Fresh from director Darren Romanelli is the visual accompaniment to “Dawned On Me,” the latest single from Wilco and their Grammy-nominated record “The Whole Love.” Produced in conjunction with King Features, the music video p...

Dr. Romanelli “Craneo Scope” Beck’s Green Box Project

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Unrivaled in his surgical approach to bespoke apparel design, Dr. Romanelli was invited to offer his unique vision to be a part of the Beck’s Green Box Project. Created to fund and showcase 1,000 projects over the course of a three-year period, the G...

Dr. Romanelli & George Bamford: A Tale of Two Customizers

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United by their knack for customization and re-appropriation, it only makes sense that Dr. Romanelli and George Bamford of BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT are the midst of working together on an upcoming project. We took a particular curiosity in this share...