Think this gay Chinese coworker got a crush on me Vol. What do i do??

September 30, 2012 @ 20:57:50
Nigga keep calling my name and smiling at me. He be trying to tell lil jokes that i would of told to a girl back in six grade.I aint trying to hurt his feeling cause he a superior and i need to stay at this job till november so i can get transferred to a warehouse. I tried ignoring everything he says and never smile or giggle back at the nigga but he wont back down. Should i tell him straight up hop off i aint homo or just keep avoiding this guy till i get transferred? Anybody ever had a similar experience? How did you deal with it?

My name is ASAC Schrader, and you can go fuck yourself.

September 30, 2012 @ 21:15:35
While I was watching Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, I learned that if you kiss him he will go back to his country & never bother you again

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September 30, 2012 @ 21:15:44
it's best if you ask him to take his pants off so you can suck his dick. after that you should tell him to put it in your ass.

john lamone is a fag. boland is a fag.

September 30, 2012 @ 21:18:32
Post a pic of him


September 30, 2012 @ 21:21:44
HR moment
September 30, 2012 @ 21:24:22
bruh what the fuck? ask him does he have a gf and talk about how you took your main out this weekend and take it from there, if he gay he will look disappointed and will leave you alone since he knows your not a fag
September 30, 2012 @ 21:24:31
pic of you and a pic of him together
September 30, 2012 @ 21:42:28
fuck him and get the promotion cuh

like a 27 inch zenith, believe it

September 30, 2012 @ 21:42:54
do him in the ass and climb the corporate ladder

be careful what you pretend to be

September 30, 2012 @ 21:44:54
he's just being polite.
September 30, 2012 @ 21:46:39
Originally posted by Inactive User
he's just being polite.

this guy. fart smeller nigga
September 30, 2012 @ 21:51:05
September 30, 2012 @ 21:52:47
I would just tell him to chill.


September 30, 2012 @ 21:54:50
do him in the ass and climb the corporate ladder

and move up to a assistant of an assistant manager's assistant? i work as a cashier at a grocery store bruh.

My name is ASAC Schrader, and you can go fuck yourself.

September 30, 2012 @ 21:56:41

He's cute? I bet he ain't #Hansum

September 30, 2012 @ 22:57:30
September 30, 2012 @ 23:04:33
Lmao, you give off dat homo, effeminate vibe... Beta ass bitch

September 30, 2012 @ 23:47:26
Originally posted by Inactive User
I would just tell him to chill.

I agree. Just don't give any deep eye to eye. Find alternative routes when he is near. Maybe make conversation about guy type things. Talk about "this girl you just met" etc.

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October 01, 2012 @ 00:00:40
2 things. mentioning his race has no significance.
He's probably is just being amicable & nice. quit being a tool
October 01, 2012 @ 00:46:47
Dam dat sexual harrasment with the rise of the gay community I wouldn't be surprised this becomes normal
October 01, 2012 @ 00:48:21
The fuckin struggle.

diamonds are forever.

October 01, 2012 @ 01:57:12
oppa gangnam style
October 01, 2012 @ 03:18:45
kiss him just to make sure you're not gay.
October 01, 2012 @ 04:11:05
Can't two person just be friendly instead of being thought as gay?
October 04, 2012 @ 01:53:42
Hang out with him and his female friends , gay dudes tend to have hot friends .
October 04, 2012 @ 02:51:43
Ask him if he is really gay? If he is, say that you are not. Problem fixed.
October 04, 2012 @ 03:10:07
Tell him you're part Japanese. It works all the time!
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