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As an upcoming artist I find myself doing this sometimes...when I do catch myself doing it though it always has me thinking...Why is it that we feel the need to imitate whenever we find out the next person that blows? The one thing that pisses me off the most is Producers naming their songs ASAP-type or Drake-Type or whoever is hot at the moment...The funny thing is that niggas fall for that shit...but there's a reason it's called a "TYPE"...these producers are amateurish at best at imitating another musician who has spent time crafting their sound...why not spend that time creating your own brand of sound? It feels like every fucking YOUTUBE/Soundcloud and whatever producer is on this trill/trap or wavey sound...I guess it makes sense why the really dope producers are not mainly on the internet, and instead their actually making dope beats for industry niggas...

Now to artists...why is it that we feel the need to jump ship and change sounds? And worse than just sound, why do we steal others (especially those that are supposed to be our competition) flow and image? The thing is we all know ASAP and Tyler and whoever you wanna name are not original...However the styles they took were from previous older styles...they at least realized that the only way to make it was to come up with a different sound to what is popular at the moment...

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Didn't read


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not ALL of them do it, just the talentless shit ones.
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You could've cut back on a few sentences, but I agree.. It's crazy because I know some of these people know their way around these programs to make new shit instead of biting off the hype.

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