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Not sure if anyone has done this before. But I think this would be a great way to spread awareness of your brand, as well as helping other fellas out on this forum that are trying to build more followers for their FB fan page. I've personally done this in another forum and it worked out GREAT.

Like Us & We'll Like You Back*
So here is how its done:
1) Write your Brand name
1) Post your facebook page link here.
2) Like other ppl's FB page on this thread.
PLEASE DO NOT just post your link here & NOT Like other ppl's; cannot stress that enough.

To Be Fair, simply reply something like this after you've liked their page:
"@ gg: Liked you!"
That way, ppl know you've liked them. This make like exchange so much easier.

If you are into FB ads to spread your name, I've also found a gig for you. Free $25 free advertisement FB coupon! Thank me later for the discovery..smile

So lets get to it & I'll Start first; here is mine:

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