Any Good Shops...In London!

November 06, 2007 @ 14:21:22

I been to london so many the past but i havent been shopping in london and im just thinking of going shopping in xmas...when im in london...are there any good shops in london...

these are what i want...

Baggy Jeans w/ funky designs (eg like evisu's or red monkey)
Tee's (Stussy)

thanks in advance =D
November 11, 2007 @ 11:44:36
i sugest:
stussy london (covent garden)
adidas london (covent garden)
slam city skates (covent garden)
size (soho)
adidas london (soho)

there are more if you just look round these places i cant realy sugest eney good jeans shops as im a skinny man myself sorry

hope this helps
November 11, 2007 @ 11:55:32
They got an entire Evisu section in Selfridges on Oxford street.
November 11, 2007 @ 13:11:49
there is a evisu flapship store in london.
November 11, 2007 @ 13:20:06
Now an Addict store.
November 12, 2007 @ 18:01:58
alrighty...thanks...if there are any good shops around can you tell me =P
December 22, 2007 @ 02:20:13
You can always go Harvey Nichols, with the new Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream section if you into dat.

Btw im new.
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