Denim Archive

March 02, 2010 @ 17:45:29
New website just launched called...

Denim Archive -

The goal was to create a straight-forward, user submitted and aesthetically clean website that allows for an ease of categorically listing of brands and searchable entries.

We want to avoid having any prejudices to any particular brand so the website will grow in content organically with the community and not by any one particular contributer, so Denim Archive is completely open to the public.

Would love to hear about additional brands you would like added and of course your photos whether brand new or worn!
March 02, 2010 @ 18:30:40
it's like denimwikia from sufu but cleaner
March 02, 2010 @ 18:45:12
This will get very very dope
March 02, 2010 @ 19:19:08
Massive potential.
March 02, 2010 @ 22:10:56
very dope.

only thing i can say is people need to submit fit pics along with their pictures, but thats for the people submitting
March 02, 2010 @ 23:25:29
pretty dope smokeyface
March 03, 2010 @ 00:53:39
Thanks guys so much!

You can now sort posts by geeky details! What size, how many washes, how long they've been worn etc.

Check it out, just scroll down the page and it's on the left side bar...
March 03, 2010 @ 01:12:38
this is awesome!
March 03, 2010 @ 01:44:04
Already submitted smokeyface
March 03, 2010 @ 12:22:17
Are you on Twitter? If so we'd love to follow... @denimarchive

Have yet to submit your denim? We'd love to see some fit pics as well as some brands that have yet to be submitted. Thanks again for the compliments and contributions, things are look great.
March 04, 2010 @ 12:04:30
That's whassup! Raw site, I like it.

March 05, 2010 @ 01:01:52
That's whassup! Raw site, I like it.

Thanks... "raw" site pun intended? blushing Thanks!
March 05, 2010 @ 19:08:54
^ Haha subconsciously intended, I suppose.

June 19, 2012 @ 04:39:16
Just updated the site... some new features including social log in to manage your archives and a voting system. Would love to see what you are wearing now!

Check it...
July 24, 2012 @ 00:30:52

Today was a good day.

July 24, 2012 @ 07:58:46
Liked the site....amazing denims...simply awesome..
Good to know about this site.It caught my eye.Very impressed.
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