THE SPOT AT square one

August 19, 2007 @ 01:52:49
does anyone know if any of their stuff is legit? cuz i saw some LRG/GGG/ROCAWEAR stuff there...and im wondering if anyone knows if they real or not. thanks in advance ya digg?
August 19, 2007 @ 11:52:27
i unda digg
August 19, 2007 @ 14:21:29
fake dog i digg you smell me?
August 19, 2007 @ 18:10:45
both smell like digging dogs!
August 19, 2007 @ 22:19:37
lol dunno... but freal, they fake? cuz i saw a gino green hoody that looks exactly like the one on dr someone confirm it..i needa know by later tonight.
August 19, 2007 @ 23:23:58
alot of shit there fake.. they use to sell bape.. fakest crap ever but iunno bout there lrg and the rest.. didnt really look cus they way too big on me
August 20, 2007 @ 14:21:07
its fucking fake
August 20, 2007 @ 14:29:47
August 21, 2007 @ 17:30:01
only trust the blank tee's at that place.......
July 10, 2012 @ 20:53:20
yup its all real. they go to shows and buy it there, if you go into the store there are pictures of them with celebrities and their clothes.
100% real.
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