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Life As A Professional Cannabis Baker

Making a living out of cannabis is, in spite of state-level legislation, still a very risky thing to do. Nevertheless, there are still people out there who work tirelessly to deliver cannabis and cannabis-related goodies for those who need them, be it for medical reasons or otherwise. BuzzFeed recently caught up with an anonymous cannabis baker to give a proper look at the realities of working with the drug. Far from being a sketchy undertaking, the piece shows that a cannabis baker is, at the end of the day, just another baker with an extended list of ingredients. Limited only by her imagination, this particular baker dreams up treats that look so good you’ll be fiending, even if you don’t smoke. Below is an excerpt from the piece, the entirety of which can be read here.

“I do smoke. Not all cannabis makes you sit on the couch for hours. I find that certain strains help me maintain my energy level and focus. So if I’m going to clean the house, I’ll have a little smoke and it’s great. It becomes more of a meditation, almost. It makes doing chores a lot more enjoyable. I don’t smoke every day and I don’t eat edibles every night, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using them. I can take it or leave it.”

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