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Kidult Vandalizes Marc Jacobs NYC

The work of street artist Kidult might often be misconstrued as blatant vandalism, but so is the work of many other street artists — it just depends on who you ask. Kidult is best known for tagging (or vandalizing) the stores of prominent fashion brands like Christian Louboutin, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton. Most recently, Kidult went after the Marc Jacobs store in New York City, splashing giant letters — of the word ‘art’ — across the brick facade. But before Marc Jacobs employees went about removing the message, Jacobs snapped this photo, and tweeted “Art by Art Jacobs,” otherwise making light of the already ironic message by Kidult. Of course there are those theorizing that it was some kind of twisted “Exit Through the Gift Shop”-esque collaboration, but that could also be a result of simply spending too much time at the movies.

Source: The Observer

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