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GQ Personal Style: Thom Browne

GQ UK recently caught up with Thom Browne in London as the famed New York menswear designer celebrated the arrival of his second collection at Knightsbridge. Speaking on several different topics, Thom breaks down some interesting facts, including the art of designing clothes, re-branding the iconic Mr. Peanut, President Barack Obama, and his where he initially purchased Samsonite briefcases. Excerpts from the entire piece are offered below:

Designing is so easy – it’s the business that is hard.

That’s why you really have to respect Ralph Lauren – look at what he’s done. Anybody who can sustain themselves should be applauded.

Walking through airports these days is the worst.

It’s not that I expect people to dress like me, in a suit, but they could try a little harder. It’s really sad. I travel with two suits, a couple of shirts, running stuff: that’s it. Travel lightly – that’s the best tip.

I’ve always dressed the same.

I’ve never made a fashion mistake. I’ve always worn utilitarian. I started my collection because I wanted certain specific things, but before that it was vintage and classic Brooks Brothers.

I was asked to design the tuxedo for Mr. Peanut.

They’re rebranding him. That was probably the most interesting request. I didn’t spent a long time considering it.

Obama does look good but he could look better.

The most important thing for politicians is to keep their clothes really simple and make sure their clothing actually fits. Obama is a really good-looking and is in really good shape… but I got burnt by this answer in the past. My brother is a politician and [in one article] I referenced him. Then of course I got a phonecall from him…

You can’t really say actors are well-dressed any more.

None of them really appreciate [clothes] because they have so much that’s given to them. It’s different how it was back in the Fifties and the Sixties. Of course, there was the studio system which worked with people, but it seemed more their own sensibility. I’m sure Cary Grant looked like Cary Grant in his off-time.

Initially I bought Samsonite briefcases off eBay.

Then I actually approached them myself to do a limited edition. It was something I needed for myself. There is part of me that wants to think cinematically – putting images together.

The piece in its entirety can be read here.

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