NHTVSN Episode 1 Part 1 with Eddie Hahm

NHTVSN Episode 1 with Eddie Hahm

3sixteen’s latest venture via the way of a new multimedia project recently released called NHTVSN. NHTVSN will represent not only as a method to bring light to the individuals and groups that are breaking waves in their industry, but as well provide a fun and easy way to educate the masses about this culture. Another avenue amongst this project is a tee-shirt line that will be available at boutiques such as Greyone, Drooghi, 5 & A Dime, 12Stadium, and DigitalGravel.com.

The first episode of NHTVSN was an interview with Eddie Hahm who is the man behind Fast Eddie’s Garage and apparel brand, Commune. In less then 12 minutes you are introduced to the current “Rice Rod” movement intertwined with a bit of Japanese flavor. This involves the customization of cars with not only a new school aesthetic but also incorporating various components and styles pre-1960′s. This is only a small abstract of the episode. The episode can be viewed here

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