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Cav Empt

Cav Empt (aka C.E.) is a Japanese-based label launched by SK8THING, Toby Feltwell and Hishi in 2011. C.E. blends London-flavoured streetwear with oddball, retro-futurist graphics. Tracksuits are embellished with SK8THING’s standout imagery; anoraks are cut boxy; oversized and tees are draped in obscure technological references and slogans. SK8THING is a Tokyo-born graphic designer and co-creator of the A Bathing Ape and Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) and has also designed for Undercover, Supreme, Neighborhood and many others labels. As for Toby Feltwell, he is a British who can speak fluent Japanese. He worked at UK-based music record label and with Japanese designer NIGO. Cav Empt actually stands for Caveat Emptor, which is latin for “Buyer Beware”, the phrase is also taken from a Sci-Fi novel “UBIK”, a novel that questions the perception of reality as well as technologies’ influence on society, which explains the brand’s Sci-Fi aesthetic. The brand’s veteran founders intend to keep Cav Empt low-key, selling through only select retailers and slowly developing their unique aesthetic each season.

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