Stella McCartney
Founder and Designer of Eponymous Label
Stella McCartney

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Stella McCartney is more than just a design visionary in the world of fashion. The 49-year-old creative continues to lead the charge in the industry when it comes to climate action and encouraging other companies to take on more sustainable business practices.

In the past few years, companies such as Versace, Michael Kors, Gucci and Stella McCartney have put an end to the use of animal fur. The next logical step is stopping the use of animal leather in the industry. “Many people associate leather with luxury but, since the beginning, I always wanted to approach things in a different way,” McCartney said in an interview. “Because killing animals for the sake of fashion is quite simply not acceptable.”

This year, McCartney along with other brands such as Adidas, Lululemon and Kering have signed on to invest and secure exclusive access to a material called Mylo. Mylo is made from mycelium cells which are the roots of fungi. It’s considered a natural and infinitely-renewable source. Furthermore, the quality of Mylo is comparable to its animal-made counterpart due to three years of testing and refining its composition. While still early in its development, the material is already being considered to become an industry standard across most products made with leather. Consumers can expect Mylo-crafted items to be released from Stella MCartney and others as early as the first quarter of 2021.