Luke & Lucie Meier
Creative Directors at Jil Sander
Jil Sander

2020 Hypes Score
Swiss, Canadian


Husband and wife design duo Luke and Lucie Meier are veterans in both streetwear and luxury fashion. The two currently helm ultra-minimalist label Jil Sander which they’ve transformed from traditional fashion house to a more youthful design label. Precise yet still energetic, the Meiers’ vision for the brand has always been keeping Jil Sander’s luxe DNA in place all while offering customers new contemporary elements. For 2020, handcrafted detailing are still utilized for creating futuristic suiting — louche silhouettes, streamlined cuts and nuanced finishes inform the house’s FW20 ensembles. The same can also be said for Jil Sander’s womens line, which adapts similar design codes as the men’s offerings.

For OAMC, Luke Meier kept a sharp watch over the brand’s maturation this year. There were numerous collaborations, yet the output for each project was less about drawing buzz and more about progressing OAMC’s design language. For one, the label linked up with fragment design for a charitable army surplus-inspired collection — proceeds from the sale went to Charity: Water, a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. OAMC also continued its work with adidas this year, releasing all Type O-1 through Type O-6 models in a bevvy of colorways.