What Did You Wear Today: December 2006

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Dec 04, 2006 @ 07:13
^ very nice

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Dec 04, 2006 @ 07:38

Nice mate.

Always thought you were Asian. Dont know why. haha.

The M65 rocked well. And the Alifes look lush.
Dec 04, 2006 @ 08:31
ill m65!!!
Dec 04, 2006 @ 08:33
Thanks for the comments.

Supreme. MHI hoody. Mighty Healthy T. Acne Jeans. Stussy Hurrache.
Dec 04, 2006 @ 08:37
Sick fit !

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Dec 04, 2006 @ 08:51
Originally posted by Inactive User

nice fit mos def.
that m65 is amazing, i guess that is from a few seasons ago since all bape puts out these days is shit.
just change those nudies for some nice japanese denim and your done smokeyface
Dec 04, 2006 @ 09:07
^ why change the jeans? I think they look fine...

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Dec 04, 2006 @ 09:16
i really don't like nudies
matter of fact, i hate jeans that don
Dec 04, 2006 @ 09:39
Originally posted by Inactive User
Biz Markie's Lower Lip is Monstrous...

Ohhh babbbby youuuuu...

I know this is mad old, but Im gonna cop.
but first ..
loch what size are you wearing ? tryna see how the fit is .
Dec 04, 2006 @ 12:55
tomxkaws, damn man nice m65. I was wondering though, im really not a bapehead, are those jackets an older style or are they coming out now? Im just wondering because Ive been daydreaming and thinking that the allover print hoody craze has the potential to ruin m65s as well... Not that that isnt an outrageously awesome jacket. Props on it man.
Dec 04, 2006 @ 13:05
Originally posted by Inactive User
LMAOOOOOO i spilled my drink

if ur friend is over the age of 16 he should be getting raped

n do most of the kids on this site stay on some snitch shit

i notice if you dont liek somebodies fit

first thing some loser does is run in n say

"OMGEEEE BaN HiM He'S A MEaNY!!!!!111!!one111!!!"

"Ban this guy, he made fun of me for being a suburban kid who wears a bandanna around my neck!"
Dec 04, 2006 @ 13:33
Heading to school, just got off of work. Goodbye Fall weather...=[

Supreme Phase 2 hoodie
Futura Laboratories Pointman tee
Paper Denim & Cloth
Air Jordan XI Retro low

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Dec 04, 2006 @ 14:10
thanks everyone!

camthraxfhk.. its a 2004release. og bape stuff cant be compared to todays rubbish (bar a few items)
Dec 04, 2006 @ 14:13
not the best fit of the year but pretty dope. Damn though i've had my eyes so set on the color phase II that i didnt bother with the black and white but the shit looks pretty nice. Oh well next time i find a medium that shit is mine
Dec 04, 2006 @ 14:16
^or bulk up and buy an XL!!!

Dec 04, 2006 @ 14:41
black new era ( too lazy for photo )
FUCT tee.
elwood dark washed jeans.
airstab premiums.

"june 2007 KUALA LUMPUR & INDONESIA for a damn month!!"
Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:02
Nice stuff people, Tom's fit is lookin' real smooth.

Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:04
fish thats the first fit of yours i aint really feelin i think you could have lost the crack hoodie
Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:12
btw those Jordan XI ie lows are so underrated, 1 of my fav jordans ever.
Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:16
Originally posted by Inactive User
fish thats the first fit of yours i aint really feelin i think you could have lost the crack hoodie

Second that.
Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:17
@ sneakerheadsince2000 co-mother fucking sign and also white/concord/cement>black/red/cement
Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:21
Originally posted by Inactive User
@ sneakerheadsince2000 co-mother fucking sign and also white/concord/cement>black/red/cement

for sure, way nicer than the jordan xi lows IMO, prolly the best llowtop jordan
Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:24
im working right now but tonight to chill im rockin evisu happy pockets purple pigeons and a green grey and purple nike tee i found at finishline for 10 bucks BALLIN!!!! lol
Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:25
yeah theres a lot going on with that fish
Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:38
Originally posted by Inactive User
Maybe not to you but to me he deserves the KICKAPOP's 2006 BEST FIT OF THE YEAR award. MeccaDon718, unlike most who post on here, looks natural in his pics. He doesn't look like he is trying to hard, and he's not walking around the city highlighted like most hypebeasts.

LMAOOO...thanks a lot KickAPop & I appreicate the honor but I'm nowhere near "Fit Of The Year". There's WAYYYY too many people on here that hold that title down. Like you said I'm not the flashy type. I LOVE that Phase 2 hoodie, it just represents everything I'm really into. I'm feeling everyone's fit on these threads and its crazy cause we all like the same brands but I can never say anyone on here dresses the same & you gotta respect that. And oh yea SneakerHead & Nerd I totally agree wit ya, those sneakers are beyond underrated...ok enough ranting for now lol. Keep them pics coming
Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:54

Alife/New Era
Local BK Artist Tee/Halcyon
Earnest Sewn
Famous Stars
Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:56
gallo, lockin out tee? nice.


Dec 04, 2006 @ 15:59
BK, is that british knights?

i used to kick on a pair when i was like 11 or 10?

Dec 04, 2006 @ 16:03
@ice grillz: yes that
Dec 04, 2006 @ 16:47
interview at LV and COACH:

AX pea coat
h&m v neck sweater
h&m collard dress shirt
h&m tie
levis 511 skinny

rest of the pic on my myspace page.


p.s. thanks CWEAK
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