Shoutbox Fan Fiction - The Legend of Ho Chi Minh City - a tale by Sonny and Canvas

Feb 01, 2013 @ 23:13
tóc dài đẹp trai : I wish we were all at a cafe sitting on lounge pillows having this discussion while waiting on the torrential downpour outside

tóc dài đẹp trai : Ryan's legs would be taking up a ton of room, but we don't mind. My leg is kinda crossed with his a little at the ankle and illy sitting cross legged sipping some rare loose leaf tea and we just laughin and conversin naturally

illy : thats exactly what id be doing sonny

Canvas08 : me and sonny politely waiting for our ca phe sua da to finish dripping

Canvas08 : a silences comes over us as we listen to the soft patter of the rain, and smell the oxtail braising in the dimly lit kitchen adjacent to the cafe's awning

tóc dài đẹp trai : Then illy's man walks into the cafe, shakes the rain off his jacket and momentarily looks around for us. Illy makes a move to us to not wave at him and instead she stares and waits for him to lock eyes with her

Canvas08 : he does, and a slow, small, but genuine smile spreads across illys face

tóc dài đẹp trai : He walks over to our pillow lounge/fort and says high, hugs me from the back and musses me hair, gives canvas the handshake dap, and then comes over to illy and kisses the top of her head

Canvas08 : lyle politely gestures for the waiter to come over to the collection of pillows and orders his own ca phe sua da in perfectly spoken vietnamese

tóc dài đẹp trai : Lyle naturally enters the conversation as if he's been there the whole time. We're greeted by a local merchant selling her wares. She's selling thousands of handcrafted bracelets made with locally found and polished stones.

Canvas08 : suddenly the crash of loud noises brings us all to our feet

Canvas08 : alarmed yells of the local villagers 1/4 of a mile away become audible

Canvas08 : we hear the rumble of an engine

Canvas08 : "v6,"whispers lyle, "80s mopar"

Canvas08 : slow, melodic sounds grow louder with the engine sounds

Canvas08 : sonny and canvas shoot each other knowing glances

Canvas08 : "slaps" they both mouth in silence

Canvas08 : the group sits down to wait, and the chrysler lebaron pulls up to the cafe 5 minutes later

Canvas08 : the door opens

Canvas08 : a pair of bleached vans step out on to the muddy road

Canvas08 : the groups eyes follow up they pale, tattooed leg to a pair of muay thai shorts and finally, to a mustache drawing the attention of everyone in the area

Canvas08 : "hello lyle" says spens as he cocks his gun

Canvas08 : eric estrada leans out the window and takes a long drag on his newport

Canvas08 : "we have come to take back what is ours, ese" eric says casually before flicking the cigarette in a puddle

tóc dài đẹp trai : The cigarette sizzles out and Eric brushes the ashes and left over lunch off his Street Fighter pre order shirt

tóc dài đẹp trai : The ashes fall to the ground reminiscent of a CGI scene from Gears of War... Eric scratches an itch on his forward with the end of his gun smirking at his indirect homage to an incredible work of art.

Canvas08 : the duo walk slowly up to the cafe

Canvas08 : with a tall figure shortly behind them

Canvas08 : dressed in all black

Canvas08 : its hard to make out the details of anything about the third man, almost shadowlike

Canvas08 : the only color that could be seen was a small word on the leggings of the shadowman

Canvas08 : gyakasou

Canvas08 : "which one of u bitches got the slaps?" yelled ian wang

tóc dài đẹp trai : The slender figure, almost prawn-like, wraps his arms around Spens and Eric. He lowers his head 3 feet in order to whisper into their ears, "She's there... you bout dat life?"

.... to be continued
Feb 01, 2013 @ 23:16
Wait, is the shoutbox still here? I cant seem to find it....


Feb 01, 2013 @ 23:24

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Feb 01, 2013 @ 23:40
Canvas08 : "Fuck yeah im about that life" said eric

Canvas08 : "i was in a gang"

Canvas08 : he pulls the trigger

tóc dài đẹp trai : bullet comes flying out aimed for nias heart

tóc dài đẹp trai : However Nia isn't scared

tóc dài đẹp trai : She's never scared when she's put in a dangerous situation

tóc dài đẹp trai : She knows deep in her heart... Her heart's heart

tóc dài đẹp trai : That the man who truly loves her will protect her...

tóc dài đẹp trai : Sonny comes forward and stands in the path of the bullet

tóc dài đẹp trai : The smoke is still rising from erics gun

tóc dài đẹp trai : everyone is standing still.. silent...

tóc dài đẹp trai : Sonny collapses to one knee much like Goku when he's being overwhelmed

tóc dài đẹp trai : suddently there is a loud *SNAP*

tóc dài đẹp trai : Sonny's hair tie breaks his hair falls down to the sides of his face

tóc dài đẹp trai : Blood is seeping down sonny's face matting his hair down

tóc dài đẹp trai : He takes a glance through his bloodied hair at ryan

tóc dài đẹp trai : flashes his most seductive smile and collapses onto the lounge pillows
Feb 01, 2013 @ 23:54
Canvas08 : a scream of rage shakes the forest
Canvas08 : the trees rustle
Canvas08 : an arrow flies
Canvas08 : eric slumps in to the blood
Canvas08 : his blood mixing with the puddle
Canvas08 : a man only in a loin cloth brandishing a machete steps on the road
Canvas08 : tears falling from his face
Canvas08 : "put down the gun spens.... don't make me do this" says kayv, as he notches another arrow
Canvas08 : spens raises the gun, but too late
Canvas08 : an arrow strikes his shoulder and kayv slowly walks up to his prey
Canvas08 : ian, distracted by the newest julio bashmore on his djay app does nothing to save his friend
Canvas08 : as the toxin courses through spens veings kayv ties him up and loads him onto a tuk-tuk
Canvas08 : "just the man, boss was looking for...." kayv whispers, clearly holding back tears
Canvas08 : ryan and nia tend to their fallen comrade

tóc dài đẹp trai : Ryan kneels over Sonny's life less body... He starts to perform CPR out of instinct
tóc dài đẹp trai : Nia watches Ryan, horrified at the scene of blood and tears. She reaches out to him, but brings her hand back knowing that stopping him won't do any good
tóc dài đẹp trai : Nia watches Ryan as he cups Sonny's pale cheek and plunges his own breath into the lifeless man.
tóc dài đẹp trai : Ryan keeps going until he's out of breath... Watching Sonny's corpse exhale the air he's forced in...
tóc dài đẹp trai : His only comforting thought is, "Well... at least I was able to be inside you... finally huh?"

Canvas08 : ian removes 1 of his earbuds
Canvas08 : ey what do you guys think about ipads
Canvas08 : no one responds
Canvas08 : ian begins to notice something is wrong
Canvas08 : spens is no where to be found
Canvas08 : ians need to validate the hipness of his music is getting stronger every second and he cannot find spens for his approval
Canvas08 : he whirls around wildly, searching
Canvas08 : he gets lightheaded
Canvas08 : what if my slaps arent the slappiest right now? he thinks to himself
Canvas08 : nia approaches him not wanting to spook him
Canvas08 : in her motherly way, she gently rests a hand on her shoulder
Canvas08 : ian.....
Canvas08 : kayv took spens to........ the boiler room

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Feb 01, 2013 @ 23:56
tóc dài đẹp trai : Ian struggles to form a thought... The Boiler Room... It sound so familiar... but he had no idea where to start. The only thing he knew was that he needed Spens and his approval.

tóc dài đẹp trai : Ian looks around the cafe for clues, leads, anything that would put him on the right track

tóc dài đẹp trai : Suddenly out of the darkest, deepest, corner of the cafe

tóc dài đẹp trai : An equally dark figure spoke up...

tóc dài đẹp trai : "Bruv... If eet ya mate you wonna fine, eye myte be-uh servuss"

tóc dài đẹp trai : Zilla was his name...

tóc dài đẹp trai : He had been in the dark corner of the cafe watching the latest episode of Breaking Bad

tóc dài đẹp trai : unnoticed due to his equally dark complexion

tóc dài đẹp trai : Zilla being a crafty london bloke and having watched plenty of heist movies noted down Kayv's license plate tags

tóc dài đẹp trai : Finally... Ian had a lead
Feb 02, 2013 @ 01:07
you guys are too much. 
Feb 02, 2013 @ 01:26
inb4 it ends into a slap orgy
Feb 02, 2013 @ 01:34
Feb 02, 2013 @ 01:36
info on bleached vans
Feb 02, 2013 @ 04:41
dead at zilla watching breaking bad

two of em x hs shit

Feb 13, 2013 @ 02:16
Why is the sb not fixed yet? smh
Feb 13, 2013 @ 02:35
Canvas08 : ian, distracted by the newest julio bashmore on his djay app does nothing to save his friend

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