1、 "Is not such an end?" Over and over again to confirm before the screen that "outcome" and "end" of the words are not their own hallucinations and delusions, Jerseys from china

,Li Yun resigned the heavy sigh breath, general weakness huddled in a chair.

"Just arrived in the seven hundred thousand words to the end of this too quickly point? I have not seen enough!"

In accordance with the development of the plot, they see this book, it has been the outcome when the certainly not satisfied, but apparently not been enough addiction, Cheap authentic jerseys, Li Yun, after all, the book is now in the network point of view, as long as it is into the vip frequently two, three million words, just like this on the end of seven hundred thousand instead of going bust or TJ's, is indeed extremely rare. If you think of the book is a Ministry of Fan Fiction, compare some point before those words become vip's colleagues work, it is not surprising.

(We understand) in the nationwide university graduate three Lee Woon-jae is a typical bookworm, the pseudo-fans is also a fairly qualified. Is called a pseudo-fans, but also labeled as "qualified" in the title, because Li Yun like football - like to play, like football knowledge is also quite familiar with - but he did not like a genuine fans that have their own strong support for the crazy favorite team, ball has always been just to see a bustling, who wins and not mind. "Pseudo-fans" in China, similar to Li Yun This clock may really everywhere, no way, Who we born in a football so special country? Even their own national team did not devote all our energies to support, not ridiculing them, verbal abuse is considered worthy of his situation, who put on and want to be a "true fans" is immune.

Very fond of football and love to read on the Internet Li Yun has recently been a wave on a fanfic to attracted the attention of this Football will become lengthy and World Youth, Elite nfl jerseys, Novels allowed to indulge into, because no Li Yun was born in the 1980s, is a big fan of Captain Tsubasa, Captain Tsubasa childhood have a profound feelings of how can we miss such a rare works (small enough of my colleagues is rare. never too much)? Since found a novel, he is almost sleepless nights waited at the front of the computer, breath and read from the tail, but apparently, seven hundred thousand words simply can not satisfy his appetite.

"Not to force not to force, not as reassuring as an unfulfilling ..."

Paralyzed in his chair, Lee Woon-jae could not help muttering, to vent their grievances. But soon, he would slow up, dragged his exhausted body struggled to his feet, holding Lianpan to the water room to wash - emotion comes and go, can be considered a major advantage of Li Yun where a

"I rely on, Xiaoyun, you are willing to leave from the front of the computer ah? I thought you in this life is necessary over a computer!"

Brush washing face, good teeth, Li Yun move out of the bedroom, going to the cafeteria food,
but, was "loyal" bad friends, peer and professional students completed the clear catch is.

"Mom, it plays, the less I am not his wife before you were not much better!"

Since it is a bad company, that basically it should appear in pairs, so Lee Woon-jae of course, not polite, lips crisp loss back.

Say that both men really quite interesting, called a "cloud", Nfl jerseys authentic,one called "clear", preceded by a "small", reads nothing like, Nfl jerseys authentic,the two Tate's husband's name, and became "Xiaoyun," "Little Green" This sounds too very easy to misunderstand, it is called. But if listening to the name, and then to see the corresponding ones of any who will have to be this huge gap to mine in the tender outside the focus - the image of the two brother, really hard to be worthy of "Xiaoyun," Little Green "so elegant call.

"Cut, no wife less jealous of me." Rolled his eyes, Bi Qing chic gestures of a common international friendly gestures toward the Li Yun "," Last night sleep yet, loud noise or black eye socket? Game but also in the afternoon not on? "
"Underestimate the brother had not it? Brother Who, iron body steel ribs!"
Li Yun "bang bang" knocked on his chest, and then, uh ...... Then, not surprisingly, violent cough up.

"Oh ... Keke ...... uh ...... accident (really an accident?) ... Ahem cough brother all right, afternoon ....... Keke. Geken will be able to ...... Keke cough ... go first ah ......, Keke ...... "
Ignore the already, Jerseys from china, stunned Bi Qing, Li Yun swiftly ran, leaving only standing there blankly at his back, "Little Green".
"I am, you in the end okay ah?"
Completion of impoverished smiled and shook his head, while the mouth of a write -

"I never went to Qiu one hundred ah? Brother your sister!"

The end of September, Changchun weather is still good to describe is not an exaggeration to use the autumn, compared to flying in a hot cover of the magazine and filled with a variety of plant essence z of late spring, is more suitable for exercise, Elite nfl jerseys,but because of just school. therefore highly unlikely someone will organize a regular game, we play the game most of them are friendly nature of the confrontation, especially as Li Yun Bi Qing these left less than a year to graduation, from perhaps no longer students study three people, this game very much to their liking.

In all fairness, Li Yun ball still make do, never carried out what system of training, but the kick in the school years of baseball, to cope with this inter-school level of competition, or nothing difficult. But the problem today is that their opponent is a group of just a graduate Young, lively brothers and the gang up, although Li Yun,Cheap authentic jerseys, they are more tacit, but graduate students living in two years, "home" enough for them to physical fitness and speed grinding life and did not take turns in vibrant Shi Dimen to the impact of the research three older students soon could not withstand the line of defense frequently opponents tear, if it is this side goalkeeper to play brave, has long been