Jason Markk Explains How to Become the Best Shoe Cleaner

We take a trip to his childhood home, flagship store and more.

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For our latest visual feature, we link up with shoe cleaning extraordinaire Jason Markk and learn more about his background, his humble beginnings, the anatomy of a quality sneaker treatment, and more.

Over the course of four minutes, Markk takes us to his Harbor City childhood home to delve into his past and the positive effect his supportive parents had on him. Later, we follow the brand owner as he takes us to his company’s Los Angeles flagship.

“The main focus of the store, was just purely for people to come and experience the brand in its entirety,” Markk explains. “All the projects that we’ve done just felt right … [it's] a dream come true. I come to work every day and I’m happy; it makes me happy to see that my staff is happy.”

Later, Markk reflects on the journey that has awarded him the position he fills today. “Thinking back on how we got here today and where we are … we’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I think that’s part of it; it’s making mistakes and learning from it quick.”

You can take a look at our interview with Jason Markk above.

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Jason Markk