Tiger Beer Transforms Pollution Into Art With Innovative Air-Ink™ Technology

Less smog, more art.

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Since 2016, Tiger Beer has worked in collaboration with India-based technology company, Graviky Labs, on a revolutionary product — Air-Ink™. Company founder Anirudh Sharma and his team have developed a method of transforming vehicle emissions into ink with filters that collect carbon soot from exhausts. If widely adopted across the UK’s fleet of taxis, the tech has the potential to remove trillions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. Since its development in 2016, Graviky Labs has harvested over 770 liters of ink — the equivalent of a diesel car being driven non-stop for nearly two and a half years. Now, using the collected ink, Tiger Beer is helping to return the carbon to the streets in the form of art.

Showcasing the medium and promoting its environmental potential, Tiger Beer launched its Clean Air Gallery in London. Artists Khristopher Ho, Patrick Vale, Paul Davis and Mr. Doodle were in attendance for the opening to test out the product by creating large-scale street art pieces. Following the debut of the London murals, the concept will travel to New York, Berlin and Singapore — enlisting 19 total artists join the movement by transforming the collected pollution into beautiful murals using Air-Ink.

Check out the video on how the collaboration came about below and discover more about Air-Ink here.