Big K.R.I.T. Delivers Dreamy Soul On "Aux Cord"

Just pass the aux cord.

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Ever since gaining his independence as a creator and recording artist, down-south emcee Big K.R.I.T. has been on a warpath in the build-up to his next album. We’ve already received previews thanks to the release of songs like “Keep the Devil Off” and September’s “Confetti,” which have sent anticipation for K.R.I.T.’s 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time skyrocketing. A double album, 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time already appears to have the potential to be one of its architect’s best releases ever.

It won’t take much to recognize the influences and spiritual predecessors to Big K.R.I.T.’s latest stylistic choices; “Aux Cord” bleeds a blend of Outkast, Goodie Mob, 8Ball & MJG and all of the other genre-bending, forward-thinking southern cult-heroes before him. Evolving the classic sounds of previous eras, Big K.R.I.T. keeps the torch lit for the Bun Bs, Pimp Cs, K-Rinos, Z-Ros, and other ultra-talented artists; without a major label monster placing its fangs on K.R.I.T.’s career, the south has never been in better hands. Next time K.R.I.T. asks to pass the aux cord, there shouldn’t be a single second of hesitation.

The third single released in support of 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time, Big K.R.I.T.’s new record “Aux Cord” is available for streaming above — the new double album is set to arrive on October 27.

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