The Impossible Project Is Analog Instant Photography Perfected

The company goes through an extensive process to bring back the simplest form of photo taking.

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Remember those Polaroids your parents used to take of each other? For a bit of nostalgia — and for the photo enthusiasts who adore all things photography — there’s The Impossible Project, a company set to bring back the instant film revolution. The company saw the value in the expired machines and rescued them back in 2008 in order to recreate the iconic white-framed analog instant photographs from the ’70s. Today, The Impossible Project has seen numerous reiterations and enhancements such as black and white film, colored frame borders, graphic prints and even round image film for an ultra-retro look. Alongside the company’s products, influencers like musician Jack White and his founded company Third Man Records collaborated with The Impossible Project to create a very special pack of black and yellow 600 film, a color scheme that matches the signature colors of the indie record label. Previous other collaborators have included NIGO, colette and even Ace Hotel, all showing support for the instant analog film revolution. Check out the company’s brand video above and visit The Impossible Project for more details.