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oki-ni STYLED by David Hellqvist

David Hellqvist, online editor of PORT Magazine and co-founder of Hellqvist & O’Donovan,

David Hellqvist, online editor of PORT Magazine and co-founder of Hellqvist & O’Donovan, presents his editorial for oki-ni STYLED. Titled “Techno Tailor Soldier Spy,” the concept firmly believes that opposites attract and applies this idea to its combination of traditional apparel and technical sportswear. Beyond just pairing a blazer with shorts and leggings, Hellqvist seeks to explore the stylistic possibilities that emerge when the barrier separating professional formality and athletic freedom comes crashing down. Some of the results are by all means experimental with elements of both worlds appearing more loudly juxtaposed in some looks than others. However, with a careful combination of materials and colors, we do see a genuine cohesion between fine and functional apparel with looks 2 and 8 where subtle representation allow characteristics of both worlds to blend more comfortably. When asked about his STYLED collection, Hellqvist had this to say:

“Life isn’t black or white… it’s grey. People who try and live by one idea alone, stubbornly refusing to compromise, tend to be uninspired and one-track minded. The key is to look around, to be influenced by different people, several schools of thought and completely opposite styles. By embracing this sartorial, intellectual and philosophic mish mash, you’ll find your own unique approach to life and clothes. Somewhere in the middle something new and exciting will be born.

“Techno Tailoring is all about fusing the best of both worlds. Look at your life; there’s an element of formal strictness, whether you like it or not. You might subscribe to a casual lifestyle but no doubt you’ll need to dress up from time to time. Instead of hiding the crisp formal shirts and well-tailored coats, move them to the front of your wardrobe. Wear them with technologic sportswear. But the key is finding the balance; no-one dresses in stiff, formal and starched collars seven days a week, just as full-on outfits of innovative high performance gear only makes sense on athletes. Neither of them work as one-way versions of your everyday wardrobe. Techno Tailoring is about mixing sporty details with smart looks, about accessorising clever streetwear with well-made and qualitative bits of Savile Row aesthetic.”

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