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Polls: How Do You Get Your Music?

To say that the music industry has seen some of its most tumultuous years over the past few decades

To say that the music industry has seen some of its most tumultuous years over the past few decades would be a substantial understatement. The rapid transition from the popularity of CDs as a main method of music consumption, to the more recent domination of digital music mediums represented one of the many hurdles that sparked the all but subtle repositioning of the way artists, record labels and listeners interact. And now, with the likes of major players such as Spotify.com and SoundCloud.com laying claim to a growing number of music streaming subscribers, the stage is set for another substantial dilemma for artists and record labels alike.

Despite the rapidly changing landscape, a generally agreed upon uniform medium of delivering music to listeners is all but consistent and the possibility of such a scenario coming to fruition is even more unrealistic than ever. But, after all, isn’t this a good thing? Previous generations had only one or two ways to get the music they wanted, and in many respects it was significantly less convenient than our modern day. Today, we’re given the freedom to not only select from an ever-growing list of music providers, but we are also able to easily search out and find the best value pricing. All this to say, we’re still left with any conclusive evidence as to which method our readers prefer. Perhaps you prefer the – for lack of a better term – “touch and feel” of buying a hard copy of an album. Or do you prefer an uncluttered, neatly organized digital library or streamed music collection?

Looking back to a poll earlier this week between Point-and-Shoot vs. DSLR vs. Mirrorless Digital Cameras, a substantial result showed DSLR cameras earning 63.9% of the vote (1,416 votes) to come out on top.

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How Do You Get Your Music?

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