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“Font Men” Explores the World’s Greatest Typography Studio

DesignComments ⋅ 5026 Views
On the surface, it seems as if fonts are of little consequence; they’re simply vehicles for the greater goal: to transmit information. This understanding though, ignores the fact that typefaces communicate more than the words they carry, but wi...

The History of Typography Animated Short

ArtsComments ⋅ 5390 Views
Painstakingly realized through 291 paper letters, 2,454 photos and 140 hours of stop-motion capture work, Ben Barrett-Forrest of Forrest Media presents a brief history of the history of typography. Beginning with the pioneering work of Johannes Guten...

Jon Contino on a Quest to be the Master of Typography

DesignComments ⋅ 5852 Views
In this film by Kevin Steen, typography maestro Jon Contino discusses his passion for hand-rendered typography and his willingness to immerse himself fully in the craft so that he may get to where he wants to be. A man who is receptive to gaining ins...