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Nychos “Snake Bait” Video

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In this video, Austrian painter and illustrator Nychos has returned to his motherland, bringing his talents to a well-kept neighborhood in Vienna. In keeping with the artist’s previous work that features graphic and detailed expressions of diss...

Warsteiner Art Collection Recap featuring Stefan Strumbel, 123Klan, INSA, Aaron De La Cruz, Nychos and Brooke Reidt

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Late last month, Warsteiner capped off a stellar bottle series through a concluding event, celebrating the most recent round of artists and collaborations for the Warsteiner Art Collection. Over 1,000 guests settled into the former department store o...

Nychos “I’d Like To Meat You!” Teaser Video

ArtsComments ⋅ 3358 Views
Detroit’s Inner State Gallery welcomes Austrian artist Nychos for his first show in the city with the opening of his upcoming “I’d Like To Meat You!” exhibition. Inspired by everything from anatomy and graffiti to Detroit’s Eastern Market, the...

Pen & Paper: NYCHOS | Video

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Drawing from his art, what goes on inside the racing mind of NYCHOS belies any serenity his peaceful exterior may convey. The Austrian artist specializes in painting and illustration, using highly colorful, often dissected figures as expressions of h...