Medicom Unveil Brandalism Collaboration at Annual Exhibition
Transformers x Medicom Toy "Nemesis Prime" Bearbrick
Mazinger Z x Medicom Toy 1000% Bearbrick
Star Wars x Medicom Toy 100% Bearbrick "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU" Pack
Porter x Medicom Toy 100% Bearbrick "PORTER STAND"
Medicom Toy 400% Blue Impulse Bearbrick
UPDATE: OriginalFake KAWS Companion "Seated" Black Preview
Peanuts General Store by Special Project Consulting
fragment design x Medicom Toy Worldwide Tour 2 Osaka Bearbrick 400% & 1000% - 2nd Model
Medicom Toy Exhibition 2012 Bearbrick Mug
Porter x Karimoku x Medicom Toy 400% Bearbrick