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MADE at Art Basel Miami: Episode 5 – The Trilogy Exhibition

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In further exploring Team MADE’s Art Basel Miami 2011 conquests, we take a look at The Trilogy Exhibition, which was held at The Ring Art Center. The project situated at the heart of Miami’s art district highlighted the works of New York...

MADE at Art Basel Miami: Episode 2 – OHWOW “It ain’t fair”

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Berlin’s MADE has been busy making its rounds of Art Basel Miami this year with another video centering around a visit to the OHWOW gallery to partake in the “It ain’t fair” exhibition. An appearance on camera from Jose Parla...

Dan Colen “Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!” Exhibition @ The Carlson Gallery

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Dan Colen has remained slightly under the radar in the mainstream art world, well-known in circles of Saatchis and Gagosians but less so in popular culture. Always pushing boundaries with works such as paintings designed to resemble bird dropping...

Dan Colen “En Grève” Installation @ colette

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In creating a work of art from everyday objects, Dan Colen has followed in the steps of Duchamp’s Readymades with this piece composed exclusively of bicycles. Entitled “En Grève” the piece shows the intertwined bikes “on strike”, refusing to move...

OUT OF THE BLUE by Dan Colen

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Artist Dan Colen releases a new book offering titled “OUT OF THE BLUE”. Based on the artist’s iconic series of paintings inspired by Geppetto’s worktable (of Pinocchio), the 43 page book features different subliminal messa...


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O.H.W.O.W. drops a new poster pack featuring a series of talented creative personalities. 10 posters coming in at 12 in. x 18 in. each were originally commissioned for the New York Minute Exhibition at the Macro Future Museum in Rome which was cu...