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CHUP x Buddy Corgi Low

StyleComments ⋅ Jul 21, 2014
Well-loved for its cozy, ethnic-inspired knit socks, CHUP recently teamed up with fellow Japanese label, Buddy, to create a fresh rendition of the Corgi Low. Using Buddy’s signature suede-based sneaker as a base, the sock specialist put its own...
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CHUP 2013 Fall/Winter New Releases

StyleComments ⋅ Dec 18, 2013
Just in time for the cold winter weather, CHUP presents its latest batch of comfortable and cozy socks. Knitted in Japan with the utmost attention to detail, CHUP produces just 25 pairs of socks a day, ensuring that each pair lives up to its exacting...

CHUP 2013 Spring/Summer New Releases

StyleComments ⋅ Mar 16, 2013
After releasing a strong showing for Fall/Winter 2012, CHUP Socks introduces a new assortment of sock styles and colors for spring/summer. The new collection maintains consistency with CHUP’s penchant for aboriginal-inspired prints with a wide...

CHUP 2012 Fall/Winter New Sock Releases

StyleComments ⋅ Nov 28, 2012
Created by Japanese textile and sock manufacturing specialists GLEN CLYDE, CHUP (“Classical Human’s Universal Peace”) specializes in earth-friendly, aboriginal-inspired hosiery. The label was launched in 2009 and has since made a na...

Chup Socks 2011 Fall/Winter New Releases

StyleComments ⋅ Dec 19, 2011
New from Japanese sock maker Chup comes an interesting selection of vibrant socks for Fall/Winter 2011. Produced by Japanese textile specialists GLEN CLYDE, the socks are detailed by some multicolored ethnic-inspired patterns, enough to get some atte...

Noir by Chup Socks

StyleComments ⋅ Dec 9, 2011
Aussie workwear label Noir teams up with Japanese sock maker Chup to offer a collection of three-quarter length socks. Providing the centerpiece of your outfit, these 100% cotton socks feature unique patterns reminiscence of a knit sweater in vibrant...