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Billionaire Boys Club Series 8 Sunglasses (Silver)

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Billionaire Boys Club will release a new set of sunglasses this weekend. As part of the Series 8 collection, the glasses feature a thick plastic frame in white with silver lens. Available on August 9th at THE ICE CREAM STORE in Tokyo.

Billionaire Boys Club “Mission Patch” Collection

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Often incorporating themes of space exploration and rocket ships, Billionaire Boys Club will release a small collection of items this weekend as part of their “Mission Patch” collection. Featuring cartoon-like graphics in two differen...

Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream 2009 July New T-Shirt Releases

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BBC/Ice Cream release a new lineup of graphic tees as July 2009 comes to a close. Making their way to retail accounts are three new designs, including a white/black piece offered on the standard tee and long-sleeve version....

Billionaire Boys Club Hunting Pattern Collection

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In an upcoming release from Billionaire Boys Club for this weekend, the brand releases their Hunting Pattern collection. Throughout this most recent Season 9, we’ve seen various forms of visual language as the Hunting Pattern balances thing...

Billionaire Boys Club Digital Camo Boonie Hat & Mobile Case

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Billionaire Boys Club drops the traditional camo style in favor of a more modern digi camo in this upcoming accessories release. This small drop joins some previously seen digi cam products in recent memory as the two items include the military-e...

Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream 2009 July New Releases

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Consistently showcasing their own signature brand of streetwear, BBC/Ice Cream push out their July batch of goods, which once again consist of a wide assortment of traditional designs with the more unorthodox pieces not making an appearance this...

Billionaire Boys Club Heart & Mind T-shirt & Wristband

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Coming off one of their more popular designs last season, BBC continue on with their Heart & Mind graphic over two new designs seen here. The original graphic featuring a heart and a brain are reproduced and replicated four times in a black...

Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream Photoshoot in The New Order & honeyee Magazines

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Quickly becoming more of an avant-garde streetwear label of sorts, BBC/Ice Cream showcase some of their new looks via THE NEW ORDER Magazine. The looks steer clear of their early graphic t-shirts/denim beginnings to two more full-fledged clothing...

Billionaire Boys Club City & Building Messenger Bag

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Billlionaire Boys Club drop this upcoming offering, the City & Building messenger bag. The flap and the body features two different prints including a overhead city view and a print of a building. Available starting this weekend, July 10th.

Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream 2009 Fall/Winter Season 9 Collection July Releases

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Billionaire Boys Club | Ice Cream embark on their 9th season starting early next month as the brand continues to evole. From previous looks and previews, Season 9 looks to be some of the most visually stimulating collections to date with a strong...